Monday, June 11, 2007

List of Hapa People Who I Didn't Realize Were Hapa

1. Ashanti
2. Kelis
3. KT Tunstall
4. Charles Mingus (<--- Link to awesome thing. Listen to it. It's hot)
5. Eddie Van Halen (Indonesian an Dutch)
6. Naomi Campbell (Chinese and African American) (questionable. Her father is apparently part chinese but "unnamed" according to wikipedia.)
7. Vanessa Hudgens (Filipina, Spanish, Chinese, American Indian, Irish. Ridiculous conglomeration.)
8. Sean Makin - the violinist from Yellowcard.
9. Kristin Kreuk - Actually I have no idea who she is. But I recognize the picture.
10. Ashanti - African American and 1/4 chinese
11. Karen O - Actually I knew that she was hapa. But I still love it.
12. Kirk Hammett - Lead guitarist of Metallica.
13. Michael Kirney - A very interesting fellow. I've never heard of him, but apparently he's a ridiculously smart kid. Finished high school at age six.
14. Ne-Yo
15. Sean Paul

People I definitely knew were hapa.
1. Sean Lennon
2. Apolo Ohno
3. Mike Shinoda
4. Tiger Woods.
Why are these all boys? Who knows.

And then there's me...Japanese, German, and Irish. Anything else? I don't know. I can't remember. It sounds more interesting than Japanese and WHITE, doesn't it?

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